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16 May 2011

NOAA- 35th consecutive April with Temps. Above 20th Century Average

  NASA GISS has this April as the 4th warmest. The oldest continous instrumental record in the world is that from a station in Central England. This past April was the warmest April in the entire 353 years of that record! (That record started in 1659!) Image below courtesy UK MET Office and Tamino at Open Mind. and up in the North… Happy Monday!


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15 May 2011

The Great Mississippi Flood Rolls South

The image below is the Miss. River on 10 May, 2010 from NASA’s Aqua satellite. The image below is 6 May, 2011 Now the reason why; the image below is the rainfall departure from normal over the past 30 days. Click the image for the full resolution. Late word (this evening), that the Morganza spillway has been opened to reduce the threat of massive flooding in the cities along the river. …


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13 May 2011

Pendulum Waves

A tip of the hat to Amy Robinson for finding this!


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12 May 2011

The Greatest Scientific Myth in America

Without doubt the greatest myth about science in America, is the incorrect belief that the science community is divided over whether climate change is occurring. It’s simply not true. There have been two peer reviewed studies on the matter that came up with nearly the same identical result. 97% of those actively publishing in the peer reviewed journals are convinced that greenhouse gases are warming the planet. John Cook at …


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11 May 2011

Doctor Who Theme on a Tesla Coil!

For those science geeks who are dyed in the wool fans of Doctor Who: (like me)   Oh, this is just positively brilliant!


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8 May 2011

Violent Twisters in A Warmer World

In eighty  years, most of us will be long gone (except for a lucky few who will be soiling adult diapers in an assisted living facility). However, our great-grandchildren will be in their prime and looking forward to a new century where Microsoft Windows no longer produces the blue screen of death.  After the Super Swarm of tornadoes on April 27th, it’s worth asking if our descendants will be dealing …


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Mississippi Tornado Upgraded to EF 5. Takes Road With It.

    The supercell responsible for this, killed three people and was the first EF 5 in Mississippi since 1966. The fatalities happened when a strapped down double wide mobile home was thrown 300 yards in the air and into a line of trees, and obliterated. You can read the storm survey from the NWS here.


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5 May 2011

Air Force DMSP Weather Satellite Shows The Darkness After The Storms

You’ve probably seen some of the city light images from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, but I have a new one to show you. The image below is a composite of the lights after the tornado swarm in Alabama, on Wednesday April 27th, with the lights seen just before. The lights in red are lights that were usually seen, but were missing after the tornadoes took out all of the …


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The Flat Rock Mobile Home

I visited the site of one of the EF 4 tornadoes that hit North Alabama on Monday and came across this mobile home. At least it WAS a mobile home. The original trailer was on those blocks in the picture above and was blown across the road about 70 yards. Not all of the mobile home made it across the road because the metal base got caught by a pine …


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4 May 2011

Geo-Eye Image shows Destruction from Tuscaloosa Tornado

GeoEye is a commercial satellite imagery company and they released a high-resolution image showing the damage path from the EF 4 tornado through Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Wednesday April 27. Click the image for a much higher resolution. You can also download an image file for Google Earth showing the track of all the strong tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee here. Once you load it into Google Earth you can …


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