19 May 2011

EF 5 Tornado Carries Large Sign Over 200 Kilometers

Posted by Dan Satterfield

A viewer, who lives in Lincoln County, TN. brought me this sign that she found in her pasture after the April 27 swarm of tornadoes. As you can see, it is a large campaign sign, and it is made of a fairly light plastic. All in all, I would guess it weighs around 1 kg. The sign is over a meter high and around 2 meters in length.

So who is Andy Hood?

He is the high Sheriff of Monroe County, Mississippi, which just happens to be about 200 km to the SW of where the sign was found! With little doubt, the culprit is the intense EF 4/5 tornado that destroyed the town of Hackleburg, Alabama, and traveled into Tennessee.

I wonder if this might be a record for large debris carried by a tornado. I’ve seen and heard of objects carried hundreds of kilometers, but nothing this large, this far.