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17 February 2011

“Wow” Video of X-Class Flare From NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

Take a look at this! The X class flare was caught by the SDO and it’s expected to kick off a nice geomagnetic storm starting tonight. I am betting on some great pics of the Aurora by tomorrow morning! The incredible video, of the flash below, is from two spacecraft. The sun itself is from the Solar Dynamics Observatory and the red region around it is from the SOHO spacecraft. …


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The Great Backyard Bird Count

You can play a role in adding to scientific knowledge tomorrow. The great backyard bird count runs from Friday, February 18th through Monday, Feb. 21st. Click the image below to go to the website. It’s easy to do, and science needs your help! Canadians, we need your help too. A big thank you to Earth Gauge for the heads up on this. I missed it last year!


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