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29 December 2010

NOAA: January-November 2010- Hottest On Record

The National Climate Data Center (NOAA) released the November temp. data today and also put the year in context. November was the second warmest on record with an average temp. of 1.24°F (.69C) above the 20th century average. Even more interesting is the fact that from Jan.- November the global temperature is the warmest on record. This is all the more surprising since we had a very quiet sun (long …


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New York and London Shiver In The Snow; Put The Blame On the NAO!

Take a look at the image below. It shows the temperatures relative to normal over the Northern Hemisphere the first week of December.  It’s from NASA, and based on data from the Aqua satellite. The cold in the Eastern USA and in Europe is offset by incredible warmth in Greenland. Any meteorologist worth his salt will immediately recognize this as a highly negative North Atlantic Oscillation. I wrote about the …


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