12 October 2010

Is Dirty Air A Factor In The Diabetes Pandemic?

Posted by Dan Satterfield

There is a real pandemic of type two diabetes in America. Until recently it was thought that this was due to the fact that most Americans are overweight and have rather terrible diets. I can always tell the flights to America at Heathrow in London. I just look at the people in the gate area. If most are overweight, the odds are high it’s a U.S. destination.

This same problem is also spreading to Europe but at a bit lower rate than here in the States.

Now, come a couple of studies that indicate strongly that there is another factor.

Dirty air.

Two recent studies have shown a real connection between particulate pollution and diabetes rates. Researchers can even see a difference in rates between people who live near busy streets versus those who live in low traffic areas.

SCIENCE NEWS has a good write up with the details.

A little fact you might not know about air pollution. Around 50% of the vehicles are responsible for 90% of the pollution from transportation. ( I read this somewhere and cannot find the source. Let me know if you know it.)

Are you part of the dirty 50%?

If you drive any type of truck, or a car older than say around 12 years, or a sport utility vehicle, then you are.

If you drive a newer model car then you are in the clean group. I drive a little KIA to work by the way…