9 September 2010

Climate Science At The Top Of The World – Part One

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Me on the ice runway at NEEM in Northern Greenland.

I love ice and snow and I have had a lifetime’s dose of it this year. January saw me set foot at the South Pole and in late July, I found myself at the top of the world. Antarctica was thanks to the National Science Foundation. Greenland was thanks to Dave Jones at Storm Center Communications.

Some of the most critical and urgent science in the world right now is the connected with obtaining ancient cores of ice at the top and bottom of the world. Thanks to Dave (President of Storm Center), I was asked to be part of a three person team that spent 9 days at the NEEM ice core drill site.

We were the guests of lead U.S. scientist James White at the Univ. of Colorado and Danish Scientists J.P.  Steffensen and  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen.

J.P. and Dorthe are the amazing field leaders at NEEM. To Dave, Jim, J.P. and Dorthe, a sincere thank you from the heart for an amazing science adventure.

Now, let me share it with you! Here is part one. Music by Holst courtesy of incompetech.com.

[QUICKTIME http://www.wildwildweather.com/movie/NEEM.m4v 600 320]