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5 July 2010

Science in America 2010- From The Guardian in London

In the same week that Dr. Michael Mann was completely cleared of charges that he was conducting science outside of normal standards comes this: Mann was the last one- every other person accused by those who poured through the stolen emails have already been completely cleared. The Guardian story pretty much explains the type of people that made the charges. Nutters. Dan


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4 July 2010

BBC Video of the Greenhouse Effect- It's Really True and Not New

The BBC has a great video from the Royal Institutions Young Scientist Centre. Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock illustrates the greenhouse affect with 3 bottles and two thermometers. The basic science surrounding greenhouse gases has actually been know for over 100 years. Concern that we are endangering our planet’s thermostat is also not new. Here is an article from TIME Magazine: Since the start of the industrial revolution, mankind has been burning …


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3 July 2010

Drilling For Ancient Ice At The Top Of The World

On the 11th of January I was lucky enough to join a rather small club. Those who have stood at the very bottom of the world. WAIS DIVIDE While I saw a lot of the science underway in Antarctica, there was one site in Antarctica I didn’t get to see, WAIS Divide. The Western Antarctic Ice Shelf is the site of one of the most important science projects in the world …


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1 July 2010

Yet Another Magic Bracelet

So I go out to eat on my birthday Wednesday and what do I see? This sign at a fitness store next to my fave tex-mex place. Could it be another scam. Yes indeedy! I wonder how many thousands they have scammed?? Let’s take a look at their website and see what unscientific goodies we can find. Here is what they claim on their web site: •What is Power Balance? …


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