1 July 2010

Yet Another Magic Bracelet

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Sign advertising the Power Balance Bracelets. (Pic taken by my wife)

So I go out to eat on my birthday Wednesday and what do I see?

This sign at a fitness store next to my fave tex-mex place.

Could it be another scam.

Yes indeedy!

I wonder how many thousands they have scammed??

Let’s take a look at their website and see what unscientific goodies we can find.

Here is what they claim on their web site:

•What is Power Balance?

Power Balance is Performance Technology designed to work with your body’s natural energy field. Founded by athletes, Power Balance is a favorite among elite athletes for whom balance, strength and flexibility are important.

•How Does the Hologram Work?

Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body.

from plognark's blog- gotta love it.

Ok, I have just a few questions if I may.

1. What is the body’s “natural energy field”?? What is it composed of and how is it generated?

2. How is it measured?

3. Who discovered it? Has anyone taken a picture of it??

4. Have there been any papers published on it in a peer reviewed scientific/medical journal?

5. How is this natural energy field connected to the health of someone?

6. Is it radiation? Is it dangerous radiation? Do some people have an energy field while others do not?

7. Do fat people have a bigger field than skinny people? Does it get weaker as you age?

8. How does your little piece of plastic with a hologram printed on it resonate with this so called field?

9. If it does resonate with it, how could this affect the body?

10. How much money have you paid these athletes to claim a piece of plastic and silicone worn on the wrist can do anything other than make your wrist sweat??

The fact that thousands of people are buying this junk is proof positive of the lack of basic science literacy in America. If you are taking a class somewhere and you see one of these on your instructors wrist- run!