27 June 2010

I- Renew Bracelet – Why is MSNBC airing this Junk? (Are there really that many stupid people in America?)

Posted by Dan Satterfield

(Note this post has been updated as of 15 Aug.)

So I turn on MSNBC here in the hotel today to catch up on the days news and on pops this commercial for the i-Renew bracelet.

Here is the advert below.

I went to the company web site and they have a photo of a Mr. Scott Becker MD who is also in their commercial.

Look at the quote:

From the i-Renew Bracelet web site.

Oh, but it gets better, look how carefully the first paragraph on he website is worded:

Purpose – The main health benefit of i-Renew Bracelet is the ability to inspire each and everyone’s inner strength. This is done by reported benefits to create Higher Energy Levels, Greater Flexibility and Better Sleep, by wearing the i-Renew Bracelet. By achieving the three key results above will create a better more stronger you.

Now do you get it?? It’s supposed to inspire you to call on your inner strength. That’s right, this little bracelet is magic. It will inspire you to draw in your inner strength and create higher energy levels. Just how this happens they do not say. They want you to think it’s MAGIC!

They never actually claim it’s magic, but they sure make you think they have!

A little more digging and there is even more interesting tidbits. Take a look at what comes up when you google i-Renew Bracelet:

Google results for search of i-Renew bracelet

Notice the listing beneath the one that says “Seen On TV Offer”. Just what we need an unbiased review. It says, “Do Not Buy until you have read this review!” Well guess who did the review.

The same people hawking the bracelet??

I’d bet yes. They even have a direct link to go buy it! It looks like the whole google search page is full of sites made up by the same company selling this little trinket of junk.

Yea, these people are slick.

Real slick.

They are preying on scientific illiteracy and general ignorance. MSNBC should be ashamed for airing such tripe. The only bracelets the i-Renew people should be wearing in my opinion are handcuffs. If it were up to me they would be put in jail. That TV advert would never be allowed on air in most modern industrialized countries.

Why do we allow this pile of crap to be openly advertised here in America.

Maybe I should start selling a special glass cup. It absorbs the calories from your martini and you can drink a dozen and never gain a pound! It also has binding energy that reduces the effects of the alcohol so you will not get drunk. Amazing.

The state authorities where this Scott Becker has his lic. to practice medicine need to be looking at him as well. I sure would not want any doctor touching me who thinks that putting a plastic and metal bracelet on my wrist is going to do anything but block the sun from the spot it covers on my wrist.

Now, I don’t go around calling people liars very often. I even more rarely put it in writing.

So, come and get me iRenew. Show me one little piece of real peer reviewed science that says your bracelet does what you claim.

You can’t and you know it. Your slick little ad is a big lie designed to steal $20 from the pockets of poorly educated and scientifically illiterate Americans. We have a big supply of them too.

The saddest thing of all is that thousands of people will spend $20 they cannot afford to spend in this economy and buy one. After all, “They would not let them advertise it if it wasn’t true, RIGHT??”

If you read this, do the world a favour and file a complaint with the FTC over these frauds. While you are at it, drop GE a note and tell them to pull the advert. They are just as guilty for letting them air it, when they know good and well, it’s a hoax. You don’t get to be a big dog at MSNBC or GE and still be that patently stupid.

One last thing, what do you bet that I get emails from people who have one and say it really works?!!