20 June 2010

The Climate Denial Crock of The Week

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I wrote a post here about the so called “climategate” emails several months ago. None of these have ever been published here because they were private and were stolen.

That’s a felony .

The reality of the planet's temperature rise. From Richard Smith UNC Dept of Statistics from a presentation last week in Washington.

Most of the public have never even heard about them, which is not surprising. Unfortunately, the minority of conspiracy theorists out there have been busy sending death threats to some of the top experts in the world. Some of these experts I ‘ve spent time with (quite recently) and call them friends. What I think of the people behind these death threats is not a big secret.

This blog has always been about science and not politics and I plan on keeping it that way. That said, when someone makes wild accusations or states as facts that are on a scientific basis are flat wrong, they become fair game. Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma is one of them. I have said before and repeat again that he is an embarrassment to the good people of my home state of Oklahoma.

Peter Sinclair a science journalist has been producing some excellent journalism in the form of videos for quite awhile now. They  highlight the inanity of those on the front lines of the war against science. This weeks edition pretty much sums up the reality of the so called “climategate” issue.

That about covers it.