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15 June 2010

Nashville, Arkansas and Oklahoma Floods- Climate Connection?

I wrote a post awhile back (See TENNESSEE FLOODS- CLIMATE RELATED?) on the possible climate connections to the Nashville flood. Since then we have had another two major events.  One in Arkansas that killed 20 and just this week a deluge in Oklahoma City that caused all three major interstates to be closed and a day of rescues. As I said in the previous post, you cannot blame any one …


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Hottest May On Record- NOAA and NASA

NOAA and NASA both do an independent global temp analysis. NASA released their data a couple of days ago for May. The National Climate Data Center released their May data today. The extreme warmth in the northern latitudes is expected with warming from increased greenhouse gases. Northern areas will warm faster than areas further south for several reasons, among them the ice albedo feedback. Both indicate that May 2010 was …


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