19 April 2010

Gorgeous NASA Shot of Iceland Ash Cloud- Heathrow Reopening?? (Updated 0230GMT)

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Click image for the full resolution! The ash layer is at 10-16,000 feet now instead of the higher altitudes over the weekend. From NASA. This new cloud is headed toward the UK.

There is actually some good news tonight. The ash cloud over Europe has diminished and begun to sink south of Paris and London. Here is the outlook for tomorrow regarding the no go areas.

Ash extent forecast for Tuesday 7 am London time. From UK Met Office.

Most of England is in the clear by 1 PM! From UK Met Office.

Late word tonight that the eruption has picked back up. The current wind flow will steer the new ash cloud toward the UK, Central England in particular. So the openings of the airports tomorrow may be brief. See below.

The ash will be at a lower altitude but it may become more dense and put an end to the planned reopening of the airspace over the UK tomorrow. Further east there is more hope for flights.