21 March 2010

Life Always Finds A Way

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Lake Hoare and Canada Glacier in the Dry Valley's of Antarctica. Dan's pic.

One of the most fascinating places I visited in Antarctica was Lake Hoare Field Camp. It’s an amazingly beautiful spot. Some have claimed the Dry Valley’s of Antarctic are the most beautiful spots in the World. You won’t find me arguing with them.

Why are scientists are so interested in Lake Hoare??  It’s one of harshest climates on Earth. Cold and dry. Very dry. Perhaps one of the driest spots on Earth.

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Life lives here though. It does so in surprising ways. This is of high interest to NASA, because they hope to send probes to such exotic places as Titan and Enceladus . If there is life on those moons far out in the Solar System, how does it survive? What does it run on??

What do we look for???

Most of the researchers at Lake Hoare are not atmospheric scientists, they are biologists and astro-biologists. They will tell you that nearly EVERY place on Earth we look for life, we find it.

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