15 March 2010

CSI South Pole

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Click the image to see the return of the shoes (HD) before we departed Christchurch NZ for Antarctica.

When our first attempt at landing in Antarctica was turned back by weather, I found myself with a real problem. I had neglected to use a boomerang bag. All of your luggage is packed onto a huge pallet in the C17.  If you aren’t able to land, it stays there until you finally make it.

Now, If I had put my shoes in a boomerang bag, I would have had them for the 3 days we waited for the weather to clear!

Astrophysicist Kyle Story from the University of Chicago saved me! He loaned me some shoes!

Kyle was on his way to the South Pole Telescope. He  was one of a plane full of overachievers with me on the flight to Antarctica. We flew together again a few days later, to the South Pole itself. His research is fascinating and the science underway at the South Pole Telescope is trying to answer the very basic  questions of humanity.

How did the Universe begin!

I interviewed Kyle at McMurdo the night before we flew to the Pole. Kyle, and my travel colleague Ann Posegate of NEEF, had a couple of nice dinners with Kyle while we waited in Christchurch for good weather. Thanks for such incredible dinner conversation Kyle!

Right click on the video if you wish and watch it on YouTube in High Definition.