1 March 2010

The Earth Really Can Ring Like A Bell

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I mentioned on air Saturday night that the quake in Chile may not have been felt in North America, but the ground definitely moved. The Earth Rang like a bell I said.

A friend of mine who trades emails with me frequently heard that, and sent me this story. Huntsville is a very high tech city as you will learn from reading this story:


Heard your comments about the quake in Chile and about the
strength of those along the Andes.
Back in June of 1994 I was working at SCI and we were building
Cesium Atomic Clocks on a sub-contract with ITT.  During the
month of June I was running a 30 day stability test on a new clock,
and there was an anomaly at the 18.87 minute point on the Alan
Variance chart that we could not explain.
Later I read an article in Science Weekly about an earthquake
in Bolivia that was 8.2 and was 300 miles deep that had caused
the earth to “ring like a bell”.  And said the resonance of the
planet was about 0.0008 Hz.  And that it caused the surface of
the earth to move up and down.
Finally, we connected the anomaly with the earthquake.  Our clock
was designed to be frequency stable to one part in 10 to the 14th,
so it was sensitive enough to have its frequency altered by the
slight change in altitude as the “bell rang”.
Just thought this little tale might interest you.
Al Glenn