25 February 2010

I Highly Recommend This iPhone/iTouch App.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

One of the best science blogs out there is Skeptical Science. It is written by Aussie John Cook. His background is solar physics, among other things, and he does a fantastic job of showing the silliness of some of the wild things certain people say about climate science.

Click the image to get it.

Click the image to get it.

This can come in handy of youa re at a party woth someone who gets all their news from a certain cable network and hasn't been in a bookstore in years.

This can come in handy of you find yourself at a party full of people who gets all their news from talk radio and haven't been in a bookstore in years.

A few months back I was given the Woody Guthrie Award for a Thinking Blogger by Mike Kaulbars at Greenfyre’s. The recipient is supposed to pass it on to someone he feels is worthy of it.

So, after enjoying the award for a bit longer than I should have, I hereby award it to John Cook of Skeptical Science. Much deserved for many reasons, but his iPhone App. alone makes him worthy.

You should really get it. It is free and based on real science. Not the silliness put out everyday by Inhofe,  Morano and the like.

Something else I read this week that I wanted to pass on.

It’s regarding the polls that show the public is now more skeptical of climate change. These are based mainly on false accusations labeled again Phil Jones and other at the University of East Anglia.

Same accusations against Dr. Ben Santer of Lawrence Livermore Labs. (Ben Santer I call a friend. He has more knowledge in his little finger than these people will ever accumulate).

Scientific Facts Live Independently of Public Opinion.

Not sure where I saw it, but it is very well put.


ps Good grief I misspelled the title. Fixed now!