24 February 2010

Amazing Ignorance- You have to see Phil Plaits Post

Posted by Dan Satterfield

One of the very best science blogs online is written by astronomer and author Phil Plait. He has been covering the story of the magic wands the Iraqi government has been buying to detect bombs. These things work as well as those copper bracelets you see advertised on late night TV. You know, the ones that are supposed to make you feel great and work better.

They even have sports stars singing their praises! (This advert would be totally banned in most countries)

Horse Hockey

Horse Hockey

It’s all bunk of course.

There has never been any scientific study (or known physics) for that matter that would indicate that they can do anything except turn your wrist green from wearing it!

Now copper bracelets are one thing. If someone wants to spend their money on them, it’s their business. When people are wasting millions on a product that is so fraudulent the British government has arrested the maker, then that is something different. The sad fact is that it is daily costing lives. Lives of innocent men, women and children. Possibly lives of American servicemen as well.

So click the image below to read Phil’s post and bookmark his site. He is one of the best science writers out there. His book Death from the Skies would be a great one for a high school astronomy class too.

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 03.19.43

See what I mean. Carl Sagan is turning over in his grave. Before you get smug about how archaic they are in Iraq, open your morning paper and read your horoscope.