25 December 2009

Happy Christmas! Buy a Book!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Sagan bookDid you get a gift certificate for Christmas?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble?

Borders perhaps?

Here are my suggestions for some of the best reads related to science, climate change and meteorology. I have written about these books in previous blogs, but this time you have money in your pocket!

Let’s start with weather:

Rough Guide to Weather by Robert Henson
The AMS Weather Book by Jack Williams

These two books alone answer just about every weather question I have ever heard. Believe me when I tell you that is saying something!

These two really are THE BEST out there for ages 12 -99. I know of few meteorologists who do not have one or both.

The best books on Climate Science are  IMHO:
The Two Mile Time Machine by Richard Alley
The Rough Guide to Climate Change by Robert Henson

You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics to understand them and they are spot on as far as the science goes. Jut a few days ago, I linked to a lecture given by  Richard Alley at the AGU conference just last week. It was one of those “how we know what we know” talks that I think anyone would find interesting.

Full disclosure: Robert Henson (Bobby) is a friend of mine. Jack Williams is an “email friend”.

Best books on science in General:
The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan
Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing by Richard Dawkins

The book by Sagan is now considered a classic must read. He saw the war on science as the first shots were fired and it worried him greatly. Based on the events of the past 4 years, he was right to worry. Arm yourself with some real knowledge from one of the greatest teachers of science ever.

Dawkins book is a collection of some of the best writings about science from the greatest in the field. I grabbed the book on a lark and was not disappointed!

There are some other great books and I mentioned them last summer here.