14 December 2009

UK Scientists Affirm Climate Science

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 00.52.31

Click the image to read the statement on the UK Met Office web site.

It took them less than a week, I hear, to gather 1700 of the top names in Science across the UK. We are talking the brightest minds in places like Oxford, and Cambridge and dozens more like Kings College and Royal Holloway.

Or you can believe the bloggers who are telling us it’s all a hoax and conspiracy. Like the site run by a TV weatherman who couldn’t finish his undergrad degree. (Still refers to himself as a meteorologist though). The newest is the former aide to Senator Laughing stock.

I just wonder how much work it takes to keep all those 1700 scientists quiet about the big conspiracy. Not to mention the thousands more in Europe and North America. How are they keeping all these conspirators on the same page??

Enquiring minds want to know!


PS A lot of climate related posts lately. Mainly because there has been so much news and disinformation out there. The Copenhagen conference has a lot to do with that I suspect.

One of the main reasons I write this is to give some real science in counter to the junk on the web. There are some cool things in other branches of Earth Science and I hope to write up a few later this week. It’s been a really busy time getting ready to go to the South Pole in three weeks. I’m still sore from all the medical jabs!

So just to be sure- this is a journal about Earth science I find interesting. Climate features prominently but I’ll be putting some other subjects on soon!