11 December 2009

Picture of Astronauts On ISS Taken From The Ground!

Posted by Dan Satterfield


Jet contrails showing up on GOES Weather Satellite imagery.

I love looking at pics from Space of human objects on the ground. You can sometimes even see the outline of streets around Chicago after a snowfall on weather satellite images.  I still recall seeing jet contrails on the GOES imagery for the first time in 1978.

The GOES imagery resolution has continued to improve and the next generation of weather satellites later in this decade will make it possible to see even more.

What you never see is the opposite. Human objects in space in images taken from the ground. Oh you can grab a shot of the ISS when it passes over, but all you see is a bright star. You cannot see any astronauts working on it.

Or can you??

One person using a 10 inch telescope HAS.

Check it out!