30 November 2009

Watch This Video Before Saying Something Silly On Twitter.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Potholer54 is his handle on you tube. He’s a Geologist who also worked as a science correspondent for two decades.

Recently he  has produced some truly great videos (based on real peer reviewed science) about climate change. They illustrate  just how silly and ridiculous some of the online “climate change is a- hoax!/conspiracy!/ one world government/communist plot” web sites are.

Potholer  released another one this weekend. This one covers yet another of the myths that  seem designed to make sense to the casual reader.  At first glance at least. Scientists tend to be rather lousy communicators and I have a great deal of respect for someone like potholer. He uses his knowledge of the science and superb journalistic skills to cut right to the heart of the matter!

Instead of researching the truth, some take these claims at face value because they re-enforce their beliefs. They take the site at face value. No matter the person who posted it, has no background in science, it says what they wanted to hear! Next step is to repeat it online, and of course on twitter.

This latest video is on the myth that carbon dioxide cannot possible be responsible for climate change. I get emails with this claim once a week. So does anyone else who says something on air or online about climate science.

So spend 11 minutes and find out just how silly these claims are. What we do about climate change is a political decision. The causes are a scientific question. There is a lot to be learned, but the basics are well understood now.

Every scientific organization on the planet has endorsed the IPCC.

Even the Assoc. of Petroleum Geologist finally came around a couple of years ago!

Borehole_TemperatureSome are pinning their hopes on the hope that some stolen emails will bring a century of science down. This shows a deep misunderstanding of how science works.

Let’s pretend that every bit of science that the Univ. of East Anglia is thrown out.

Guess what?

NASA and NOAA have gotten the SAME results independently.

Then you have the Bore Holes, the Ocean temps. satellite data, weather balloon upper air data, and a host of other proxies like ice cores from tropical mountains and the poles, that all agree the planet is warming. Add in a hundred years of physics research and thousands of papers by thousands of scientists.

modeled_temperature_compared_to_observed_temperature_for_the_last_150_yearsDoes it really make sense to believe that they are all part of a conspiracy? Does it really make sense to believe that a few scientists who MIGHT have with held data to one of these junk web site authors could possibly have an affect on all that science.

The data at Hadley will of course not be thrown out. There is NO evidence that any of their conclusions and reports are wrong. They may have gotten sick and tired of having to stop and send their data to people with no real background in the field, but the science itself is right.

The data is out there already anyhow for all to see. Only a tiny bit that is restricted by the country providing it cannot be downloaded and in most cases you can get it free. Don’t believe me?

Go here.

The science in the journals is VERY  different than what you will find by putting in the words “global warming” into GOOGLE!

Peter Sinclair’s “Climate Denial Crock Of the Week” also does an excellent job of showing why.

Note: I initially incorrectly identified the video embedded from You Tube as being from Peter Sinclair. My brain is truly beginning to melt I believe. My apologies to both people, and you my reader. A big thank you to Mike Kaulbars at GREENFYRE’S who spotted my error and let me know!