28 November 2009

My First Post on Biology-Dedicated to Matilda June Hinklemeyer

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The Wild Wild Science Journal concentrates on Earth Science. Some very good reasons for this.

1. I know enough about it to not make a total fool of myself. (most days and I have an MS in Earth Sciences).

2. I like the field, and run across interesting “stuff” often enough to write a fair amount of posts.

3. Meteorology, which I have the most training in (BS Meteorology 1981 and 30 years as a forecaster) is also considered an Earth Science. I love all aspects of Meteorology as well. Cannot imagine doing anything else but forecasting and learning more about the subject.

So those are the reasons I write about what I write about, and they are also good enough reasons NOT to do Biology. I have a good friend and neighbor who is a well known Biologist, but little rubs off on me.

The main reason I do not write on Biology has nothing to do with any of that.

I PANIC AT THE SITE OF BLOOD and I get the creeps from bugs.

My High School Biology teacher I am sure ranks me as her worst student. We had to dissect fetal pigs. I put ribbons on the legs of mine and named her Matilda June Hinklemeyer. It sounded appropriate for my Sophomore (literally and figuratively) brain.

Fortunately my class mate and life long friend to this day did the hard work for me. (She is now an X-ray  tech. in Oklahoma. (Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, gamma rays don’t upset us!)

So now you understand.

That said, it’s with great pride I write a post on Biology. This is for my Biology teacher Kathy Gray, and my class mate and fetal pig surgeon Robin Fox.

Go here and learn something: (I didn’t say it would be a LONG post.)

Screen shot 2009-11-28 at 03.43.37

Seriously, it’s very good and no blood.