27 November 2009

Top Climate Science Course- Online and FREE!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

David Archer at the University of Chicago teaches an excellent course based on his book UNDERSTANDING THE FORECAST. If you read this site regularly, you will know that I have highly recommended that book several times.

The course is for NON science majors who want an understanding of the science behind the IPCC reports. Basic math only (and that’s really enough to have a very good understanding of what is happening.)

Archer has videotaped EVERY lecture in the course and put it online for free. Getting into the course itself is difficult, it’s among the most popular at the university. It gets rave reviewes from the students who have taken it.

I would recommend getting the book and reading each chapter, after you watch the lectures.

If you go through all the lectures, you will have a new understanding of the immense amount of silliness on most of these junk science sites.

This is really an excellent resource and you cannot beat the price. Click the image below to go to the site!

Also: Environment Canada has an excellent FAQ on Climate Change. One of the best out there actually. Very detailed. (Yeah, they are in on the global conspiracy too.)

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