31 October 2009

Post Calls Out Senator Laughing Stock

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Thanks to plognark for this- You can buy the t-shirt by clicking the image!

Thanks to plognark for this- You can buy the t-shirt by clicking the image!

When I wrote a post last month called What do Climate Scientists think of Senator Laughing Stock, I hesitated at pressing the publish key. I try to keep these posts about science and stay away from politics. What CO2 is doing to our climate is a purely scientific question. How we act to fix the problem is a political question.

I stay away from political questions!

James Inhofe, the senior Senator from Oklahoma has spent the last several years trying to convince his fellow Senators and his fellow Oklahomans that the scientists are all wrong. He knows, you see, that it’s all a gigantic hoax.

The next thing you know, we will be told that pro wrestling is real and landing a man on the Moon was faked! This of course has nothing to do with the fact that he made is millions in oil.

Nothing at all. He really believes it!

If he were advocating some cap and trade scheme or pushing for more drilling, I would say nothing. That is policy. Policy bores me. I like science.

Using his position to try and convince people that his nutty idea that we are all victims of a giant conspiracy have made him the laughing stock of the scientific community. So EVERY major scientific body on Earth is wrong and Senator Laughing Stock is right.

Go into an empty room and ask yourself if that makes sense. You do not have to tell anyone what your answer is. Just think about it for a minute and tell yourself what you think of that.

Unless you have a pile of National Enquirer magazines and a set of books on how the mob/aliens/Castro/CIA/Johnson/Russia killed Kennedy, I think I know what your answer will be.

Now it appears his fame is spreading further. He is rapidly becoming the laughing stock of the Senate on both sides of the aisle.

Enter the Washington Post this past week

Sad really.