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29 October 2009

Why The Vanishing Polar Ice Cap Will Impact You

The folks at the National Snow and Ice Data Center have released some new data on the polar ice as we head into late autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The ice pack is retreating at a rate of about 11.2% per decade, and Dr. Mark Serezze, the director of the NSIDC says that we are just a few decades away from a mostly ice free August in the Arctic Ocean. …


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His Star Picture is Better Than Your Star picture!

Axel Mellinger is a professor and physicist at Central Michigan University, but at night he is an amateur astronomer. He has compiled an incredible photo of our Milky Way Galaxy and the ENTIRE night sky using over 3000 high resolution photographs. The picture above is a VERY LOW resolution image of his big picture. The new image is the highest resolution It took him almost two years and travel from …


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