29 September 2009

Quake and Tsunami in Samoa

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The BBC is reporting the death toll rising in Samoa tonight, from the massive quake earlier in the day. The quake registered 8.3 with a very shallow depth of 18km. A quake that strong and that shallow can produce deadly tsunamis and is capable of great destruction.

The quake hit at 17:48 GMT. This is 1:48pm U.S. East Coast time, and 6:48pm in London. This was 6:48am Wednesday in American Samoa.

Reports of whole villages swept away by a Tsunami are being broadcast by the BBC. The Tsunami hit an area very near the quake and this would mean a very short warning time. A Tsunami Warning was issued, but it likely hit within minutes of the quake itself.

Here is the Seismogram from New Zealand:


Here is what the seismograph of the USGS in Northern California recorded.

Seismogram from USGS in California

Seismogram from USGS in California