6 August 2009

Two Great Videos on Climate Change (Make that three.)

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I have updated the Wild Wild Climate Page with three excellent videos on Climate change. They were produced by a retired science journalist with a background in Geology.

They are frankly among the best I have seen. I spend two years writing this and he covers it better in 20 minutes. Well, I am from Oklahoma, and you can tell where he is from by watching the videos. A fabulous resource for teachers (and a safe one on an internet full of silly junk on climate science), and a good summary of how science works. A subject lost on a lot of people it seems lately.

Science journalism at it’s best. If more people saw these first, before getting sucked into these silly political sites that spout propaganda (dressed up as science …)

Click the big picture, and the magic of the internet will take you there. (More on Astronomy and the Perseid Meteor Shower coming soon)

Picture 1