12 January 2009

The Dogs of Winter are Howling!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

There have been large hints on the Numerical Weather Prediction Models (NWP) for the last two weeks that the warm, and wet weather over the Southeast USA was going to change. There is no longer any doubt, as all that frigid air bottled up in Canada, is headed into the Deep South.

Below is the GFS temperatures at 5,000 feet (850 Hpa for my fellow weather nerds out there). It has the zero C line way down into Northern Florida later this week. Not only that, but it looks like this Pacific Ridge and Eastern Trough pattern may lock in for a couple of weeks! We Meteorologists call this a positive PNA pattern, and it means mild West, and cold East here in North America.

Those of you in Western Europe, and the UK, can finally expect some moderating temps. as the pattern changes are nearly global. The image below is courtesy Unisys. They have an exc. site for looking at NWP data at weather.unisys.com.

So bundle up, and for those of you in the South who wonder how the folks up North survive these temps. They wear a HAT, and gloves. Try it. They are amazing inventions!