7 December 2008

The Geek Test

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Some people know they are Geeks. I am one and I have learned to become comfortable with it! 

You may wonder, “Am I a geek??”.

In most countries of the world, being called a Geek is actually a compliment. Not necessarily so here in America.

(Something that may explain the low Math, and Science scores American students receive, compared to other countries. Just my opinion though.  I may very well be absolutely wrong, and I maintain an open mind on the question.)

Here is a test to know if you are a Geek.

Can you answer this question:

Who was Richard P Feynman?

If you know, then your already a Geek! (Welcome fellow human to geekdom!)

Don’t know, but want to? Your likely nearly there.

You could care less?

Then I must ask why your reading my Weather Journal?

 Some reason??

Nothing here about Angelina Joe Lee, or however you spell it. No links to reality shows, or the football polls. (Boomer Sooner anyhow!)

For those that want to know….

Richard P. Feynman was a Physics professor at the U. of California at Berkeley, who died in 1988.

He was not your average lecturer.

He won a Nobel Prize in Physics.

It is not an understatement to say that he was loved by his students. Many of his lectures on Physics were taped, and are still watched and listened to today. He had that uncanny ability to make sense of the insensible. So many students grew to love Physics, and the wonder of the Universe thanks to Feynman. He still inspires students today!

Even though he has been gone for 20 years, you can discover for yourself! Here is your chance. In 1979, after he won a Nobel Prize, he was invited to give the Douglas Robb Memorial lecture at the Univ. of Auckland. They taped it. You can watch the series of lectures online here:


I promise you, after just watching the first 75 minutes, you will be amazed at just how strange reality is. Einstein once made a famous statement that “God does not play dice with the universe”.

Nearly every Physicist on the planet will tell you that Einstein was wrong. God is one heck of a Bingo player! I wouldn’t want to be in a poker game with him!

If you watch the lecture and like it, then Congrats-You’re a Geek!