17 October 2008

NASA Introduces New Climate Change Site

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The folks at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena have put online an excellent new site on Climate Change. Now to be honest, I have just done a quick glance through it, but it has some new and interesting material. It is built for students and other non scientist sites to be able to visually see how the planet is being affected by climate change.

Make no mistake, this is no longer something in the future. The effects are widespread, and are increasing every day.

The Arcitc ice animations are especially interesting, but I liked the widget for my MAC. It allows me to keep some vital climate statistics at my fingertips. So check it out.

While I am talking about the web and NASA, let me add something else in here. NOAA and NASA are government agencies.  Funded by we the American taxpayer. Just my opinion here, but both organizations have put a tremendous amount of material online. They run some of the greatest web sites on the planet.

In most countries around the world, getting real time satellite or radar images is only for those who pay a steep fee. Getting climate data is almost impossible. Not here.

NOAA puts so much material online that you really have to be an expert to find it all! That is not there fault, there is just so much of it. The people who work for NASA and NOAA have IMHO done more than any government agency to give value back to the citizens that pay their salaries.

People in other countries go to these web sites too. We do not charge them, but think of the shining example we set for the rest of the world. There is virtually no other country on earth where you can call up real time high resolution weather radar for free.  (Canada being a notable exception).

You folks in Canada should be equally proud of Environment Canada’s web sites. They were a bit behind NOAA, and NASA, but are RAPIDLY catching up!

Together they set a real example for the rest of the world. NASA’s new cliamte web site is at