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14 May 2008

Better Gas Mileage With Hydrogen? – Forget it!

There is a lot of talk about these products that claim to extend your gas mileage by using electricity to separate the water in a tank in the trunk into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The ads are all over the net. If you are considering spending money to hear about it or to buy the equipment, you might want to read the rest of this blog entry first. First the good …


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12 May 2008

Another of the Science Giants Passes

You probably do not recognize the name Ed Lorenz. If I tell you that he was a Mathematician and Meteorologist you probably still would not know who I am talking about. He was famous in science circles though, and you have heard of him too. You know him for what he discovered. Back in the early 1960’s Lorenz was running a computer model and made a mistake while inputting the …


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