September 3, 2015

How easily does our understanding of ‘CRUSTAL PERMEABILITY’ flow ? A new Geofluids special edition…

Posted by Tom Gleeson

Permeability is a crazy parameter: heterogeneous on many spatial scales, highly variable over up to 20 orders of magnitude, and transient on many temporal scales. Yet, for better or for worse it is essential to our understanding of numerous earth processes, as well as how human impact and interact with the earth.

I have had the honor of guest editing a special issue  of Geofluids called ‘Crustal Permeability” with Steve Ingebritsen of the USGS.  It is a burly, 400-pages which encompasses papers on both static and transient permeability as well as papers from a wide variety of locations, lithologies and time scales. We hope you will take a look at it