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February 5, 2012

Central U.S. “ShakeOut” drill on Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012–the 200th anniversary of the biggest of the New Madrid earthquakes–nine states in the central U.S. will conduct a regional earthquake drill put on by ShakeOut, a consortium of organizations and agencies concerned with earthquake research, hazard mitigation, and emergency preparation. Participation is voluntary, but public agencies, school districts, universities, and private companies are all registered and are taking advantage of both public awareness and prepared publicity …


November 5, 2011

Oklahoma earthquake – not as uncommon as you think

Update 11/6/2011 16:20 UTC: I’ve added a summary explanation of the Wilzetta fault, distilled from the Shale Shaker article listed below, since this appears to be people’s primary interest. Read on for the whole description. Last night Oklahoma’s fairly active seismic zone unleashed a magnitude 4.7 earthquake shortly after 2am. The quake struck about halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. People felt it in places as far north as Wichita, Kansas, and …