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September 20, 2017

Get Prepared Now

The scenes of violent shaking in dense urban Mexico City from the new Sept 19 earthquake are genuinely horrifying. Buildings twist, collide, crumble, buckle, and collapse before your eyes like some scene out of a movie; trees thrash wildly as boatmen on the Xochimilco Canals struggle for balance on a river being thrown violently from its banks; inside, furniture flies across rooms and ceilings cave in while desperate residents and officeworkers …


April 25, 2017

Strong earthquake widely filmed in Chile

A swarm of magnitude ~5-6 earthquakes offshore Chile on April 23 was punctuated two days later by a much larger M6.9 earthquake yesterday evening. While nobody could have specifically predicted the size and timing of this earthquake, it is a terribly unsurprising event, occurring as it did in the midst of this swarm of heightened seismic activity, and in the highly seismically hazardous region of coastal Chile. As has been pointed out …


September 6, 2012

Large quake rolls through Costa Rica

Yesterday morning a hefty M7.6 temblor emanated from the subduction zone beneath Costa Rica, setting buildings swaying, pools sloshing, and people scrambling from Panama to Guatemala. The death toll stands at two, which is remarkable for a quake of this size that didn’t even hit offshore. This may be due to its moderate depth (40km) and relatively remote epicenter, but there were plenty of people that were rocked hard. Costa …


June 17, 2011

First-hand documentaries from the Tohoku quake and tsunami

Several eye-witnesses of the March 11 M9.0 in Japan have posted chilling first-hand footage of their experiences. The following two videos document the entire disaster, from the shaking until deep into the tsunami. First, here’s the harrowing video taken by a professional storm chaser who happened to be in Otsuchi, Japan doing volunteer work for Save Japan Dolphins when the earthquake roared along the coast. He struggles to keep his …


March 2, 2011

Videos of the 7.0 and 6.3 in Christchurch

Other than that first video I linked to in the last post and the many recordings of aftershocks, very little footage of the 6.3 occurring exists. I have found only this, in addition to the frequently replayed clips from a liquor store and of the cliff collapsing. [youtube=] There’s also a decent video of the early morning September quake impressively heaving cars around in a dark driveway. If anyone knows of …