January 18, 2013

Follow me @TTremblingEarth

Posted by Austin Elliott

evolvetoTweetI’ve done it: I’ve taken the plunge into the Twittersphere. Tweet-a-sphere? Twit-osphere? Well anyway I plan to use Twitter to send out all the glorious little things I find neat and interesting and have nowhere near enough time to blog about, or which don’t really warrant a whole bunch of additional talk, like this and this and this (ew) and this (oh please at least click that last one).

My Twitter handle is TTremblingEarth, whose first ‘T’ you can view as either a contracted “The” or an appropriately tremulous stammer, but which was actually just necessary because apparently Trembling Earth is a band performing “psychedelic Americana, blues, and rock’n’roll from the swamps of Southern Georgia.” That sounds awesome actually.

So there you have it. If you’re on Twitter, you can find me doling out earthquakey tidbits there, whereas I’ll keep using the blog for material that merits a little more backstory. I think I’ll try to blog a weekly recap of my Twitter posts so those of you avoiding the service don’t have to totally miss out like you’re trying to. It seems to be a nice model for the fellows at Highly Allochthonous and Paleoseismicity, so–substantial overlap with them aside–I’ll do it too.