September 24, 2012

San Francisco 1906 + Today

Posted by Austin Elliott

Shawn Clover is back with a second installment of “The Earthquake Blend,” photo mashups from 1906 quake aftermath and today.

Photographer Shawn Clover, whose clever and chilling project “The Earthquake Blend” I’ve posted about before, has expanded the project with a second installment. Shawn describes the delay, explaining the exacting standards he strives for when recreating the photos. His perfectionism regarding vantage, lighting, and lack of new obstructions is what makes the photography so chilling. As in Part I, the juxtaposition of modern life in SF with scenes of the same locations just a few generations before presents a really eye-opening way of viewing earthquake risk, and bringing the threat to life. These photographs could easily constitute a quake awareness campaign throughout the city.

1906 + Today – The Earthquake Blend: Part II

Have a look through his second set of photo blends. They’re in turn amusing and terrifying. Brilliant work, Shawn.

Hat tip to Christoph Grützner of Paleoseismicity for bringing this to my attention