December 4, 2011

AGU – largest Earth Science conference in the world

Posted by Austin Elliott

The AGU Fall Meeting is finally suddenly here! The American Geophysical Union annual meeting is the most widely attended Earth Science conference in the world, and many of us will be showing up there this week to share our work, talk to colleagues, and catch up with old friends from all stages of our geophysical careers.

I’ll be truckin’ down the road from Davis to the convention center in San Francisco to present my own work on topographic change detection following the El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake. I look forward to the overwhelming onslaught of science discussion, but I’m also quite excited about the opportunity to socialize with Earth science friends old and new in one of my favorite cities.

I’ll see some of you there, but for those of you who won’t be making it, or who want a sneak peek of my own poster, here it is in all its glory. I’ll be standing by it to give the spiel on Wednesday morning 12/7 in the Tectonophysics session T31B: “New Constraints on Active Fault Zones,” poster 2341. I’m also coauthor on a companion poster in the same session, #2352, in which UCD grad Peter Gold documents uncertainty analysis in slip distributions provided by the same ground-based LiDAR scans. You can check out either of the posters in person, or click the link below to see them on our UCD LiDAR lab webpage.

My 2011 AGU poster, showing terrestrial LiDAR detected elevation changes in the year following the M7.2 Cucapah earthquake

My adviser is also giving what should be (IMHO) a very compelling talk Wednesday afternoon, regarding more LiDAR topographic change detection, this time between pre- and post-earthquake airborne topographic LiDAR surveys. 4:00 12/7 in 2016 Moscone West. I’ll be there!

See you at the conference! Full report to come.