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January 25, 2019

Breath-taking diversity

Discovering a ‘new’ species is a thrill and a privilege. The realization comes with a jolt of excitement: you may be the first person on Earth ever to set eyes on this creature! Many people never get to experience this rush…


January 24, 2019

Exploring the Costa Rican Depths with Costa Rican Eyes

Hello! I want to share part of my experience aboard the Falkor. It is not only my first time on this ship, but also my first time aboard a research vessel at all.


December 5, 2018

Conservation of our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf

Last Tuesday, a crew of 11 dedicated students left Albuquerque before the sun was even hinting at its return to the sky to help conserve one of the most endangered subspecies of wolves in the world: our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf.


November 23, 2018

The best inspiration is hand-on experience

Field scientists, I have decided, are the lucky ones. Unlike a variety of other professions, field scientists have the opportunity to travel to remote places and observe the wonders of the world, to see magnificent environmental beauty and escape boring everyday life, all in the name of science. I had the chance to be one of these lucky field scientists up in the Arctic in August 2018.


November 15, 2018

Turtle Trapping at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

While most students were enjoying an extended weekend in the middle of October, a dedicated crew of Bosque School and University of New Mexico (UNM) scholars spent four days trapping and taking genetic samples of freshwater turtles


November 6, 2018

My first experience on an oceanographic cruise

My name is Néstor Ramírez – I am a geological engineer who has been working on marine geology for 8 years, but on land! I have always worked with someone else’s data collected from the deep ocean…Not any more!


November 5, 2018

Management Strategies of a Senescing Rio Grande Cottonwood Bosque

The Rio Grande’s bosque, as we have come to know it across our lifetimes, is an ecological anomaly. The cottonwood gallery forest that stretches several hundred miles between the banks of the Rio Grande and its adjacent irrigation ditches is, generally speaking, comprised mostly of the same age class of trees.


October 12, 2018

Two Paths, One Destination

When the 6,000-pound remote-operated vehicle (ROV) is secure, we grab our buckets, eager to get our hands on fresh sediment cores. Collected from the sea floor just over 2,000 feet below us, these cores provide valuable insight into methane seep communities.


August 21, 2018

Tapir’s jaw an “incredibly rare” find

Thanks to her six-year-old grandson, Janet Klein of Homer recently hosted a few interesting house guests.

Five experts on ancient creatures slept in Klein’s Homer house last month as they searched local cliffs for another chunk of a mammal that lived in Alaska millions of years ago.


August 17, 2018

In the field with Albuquerque Sign Language Academy

Following the footsteps of crews of young adults from the deaf and hard of hearing community who work with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC), this crew was created for individuals who want to engage with conservation and outdoor work but who are too young to participate in the RMYC crews.