April 1, 2020

Fill your field of view with views from the field

Posted by larryohanlon

By Larry O’Hanlon

Times are hard and getting harder. We are all very stressed out. We all need a break, and it’s really hard to get one. So for the third week in a row I am diving back into the 12 years of AGU Blogosphere archives in search of field trips. I encourage you to find a few minutes to take a deep breath, lean into your screen, and fill your field of view with views from the field.


Turning Field Work into Field Play  By Robin McLachlan, 10 April 2017


Surveying the rugged beauty of Tasmania’s coast,  By Lauren Lipuma, 13 February 2017




Larry O’Hanlon is a freelance science writer and unrecovered geologist in New Mexico. He manages the AGU blogosphere.