March 24, 2020

It’s an even greater time to take a virtual field trip

Posted by larryohanlon

By Larry O’Hanlon

Last week I published a selection of the virtual field trips from the archives of the AGU Blogosphere. But I incorrectly wrote that there were only about 40 such posts in our approximately 12 years of blog posts. If you leave out the word “virtual” and try just “field trip” in our search bar in the upper right of our blogs homepage, you will get a whopping 454 hits. Here are a few of our oldest field trips for your enjoyment. Please share them with others, and tell us about your own. Email us at or tweet at @theAGU with the hashtag #virtualfieldtrip.




Larry O’Hanlon is a quasi-permanently socially-distanced freelance science writer in New Mexico. He manages the AGU Blogosphere.