April 4, 2019

New deep-ocean videos and an artist-at-sea report

Posted by larryohanlon

March 29: Deep-ocean viruses — video update

By Thom Hoffman 

Microorganisms in the dark ocean are critical to keeping the ocean healthy. “It is these viruses that we know next to nothing about and that I am here to study. I think hydrothermal vents host some of the most diverse ecosystems [on Earth].”

Karthik Anantharaman guides us into a beautiful (and mostly unknown) world: take a look into the riddles of these misunderstood microorganisms of the dark ocean, which are critical to keeping the ocean healthy. “I want people to associate viruses with the health of the ocean…. they are more abundant than all other biology by orders of magnitude.”


March 30: Artifact of the sea

By Gideon Gerlt

Preparing. As the days passed by and I started to settle into the transit cruise, there was a looming stressor: deploying the sculpture in order to obtain video documentation of the work submerged at sea. The sculpture, a gopro camera, and a small weight (keeping all elements in alignment) is a relatively simple rig to assemble, but the prospect of potentially losing everything to the deep made me doubt (and quadruple check) every element – from formatting memory cards, to the strength of the soldered joints, and the half-blood knot used on the 65lb test fishing line. (Read more)

Artist-At-Sea Gideon Gerlt prepares for the submersion of his artwork, an abstract metal and glass sculpture of a radiolarian. Alexis Haifley / SOI

April 3: Microbial Mysteries wrap up video update

By Thom Hoffman 

While exploring hydrothermal vent and cold seep environments, Dr. Mandy Joye and her interdisciplinary research team were witness to amazing geological, chemical and biological discoveries. From large venting mineral towers with volcanic flanges holding pools of superheated (366ºC) hydrothermal fluids, to areas teeming with biodiversity and potentially novel fauna, this expedition has been full of amazing sights. (Read more)