March 26, 2019

Research cruise log: Artists-at-sea

Posted by larryohanlon

March 19: A story of data

By Meredith Brindley

Data can be a bit difficult to read, even if you are an expert. In my artistic practice, I use art to make data more decipherable – and hopefully more inviting – to a wider audience. Art makes this possible by opening up the information, turning the data into a story, and giving people an appealing entry point to explore the data. (Read more

Meredith’s sketch of multibeam

March 20: Between two worlds

By Kishan Munroe

Ten years ago I almost died in Mexico. It happened in the remote mountains several hours south of Oaxaca while on an anthropological expedition… exploring. (Read more)

Wireframe render of a newly mapped seamount using multibeam technology.

March 21: Bringing it with you

By Alexis Haifley

My name is Alexis Haifley, and I am on board R/V Falkor as a Student Opportunities participant for this transcruise. I am finishing up the first year in my master’s program at Evergreen State College, which is how I stumbled across this amazing opportunity with the Schmidt Ocean Institute. (Read more

The view from Falkor’s bridge includes many beautiful sunsets over the Pacific.