January 30, 2019

Costa Rican Deep Sea Connections Videos — Week 3 Update, Species Discoveries & Methodologies

Posted by larryohanlon

By Mónika Naranjo González

“Isla Del Coco is really a special place. Now that we have gotten a look at some of the deeper parts and discovered some of the really spectacular communities of the deep sea… we know we’ve found new species: new species of coral, new species of shrimp, new species of worms – a LOT of new species.”

The final weekly update video for the #CostaRicaDeep expedition shows beautiful footage while explaining the importance of doing such work to examine and understand the deep sea.


“One of the great things about being on an expedition like this is we have a chance to find new creatures…. That single collection gave us two mysteries: one we solved and one is still going on.”

The #CostaRicaDeep expedition has been a biological bonanza, with researchers observing, sampling, and discovering all sorts of creatures. This is research that is going to directly apply and advance conservation efforts in Costa Rica. Greg Rouse, professor of marine biology in the Marine Biology Research Division at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, talks through a few of his highlight moments during the research cruise.


What is the process for sampling while using ROV SuBastian? How are decisions made? What factors go into the decision to sample? How are the samples treated after being brought back to the ship?

Take a look in the control room and wet lab onboard Research Vessel Falkor in this quick video, explaining sampling and lab methodologies.



These posts were originally published on the Schmidt Ocean Institute blog