Tonya Wiley has been conducting field studies of sharks and rays since 2001, including research on the endangered smalltooth sawfish in Florida, becoming an authority on the biology and ecology of the species. She is an appointed member of and team leader for the U.S. Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Implementation Team, a multi-institutional panel of experts working to protect the remaining sawfish population in the U.S. and prevent the species from going extinct. Tonya serves as the elected Secretary for the American Elasmobranch Society, is a board member and Secretary of the Sawfish Conservation Society, and is the Treasurer and Chair of the curriculum committee for Coastal Brigade-Texas Brigades.

Project Description: This project will create a short, animated video describing how anglers, boaters, and divers can safely and legally interact with (view, handle, release, and report) endangered smalltooth sawfish in the United States.