Samuel Mitchell is a volcanologist and science communicator currently based in the UK. His research interests cover a range of topics including submarine volcanism, marine geology, explosive volcanism, seismic surveying, and marine ecology. Outside of academic research, he aims to provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for early career researchers across the geosciences, and to communicate geoscience and ocean science over a range of platforms.

Project Description: “Volcaknowledge – Volcanoes across nature, culture and society”. This new podcast, coming December 2021, aims to showcase a different side of volcanoes and the ways in which we interact with these incredible landforms. From our personal experiences, to culture, art and media, to interactions with other earth systems, to hosting wildlife and creating new environments… Volcanoes have been shaping our planet for billions of years, and will continue to do so long after us, but they have also played a huge role in influencing the lives of millions. In this show, we speak to a range of guests including scientists, educators, journalists, and artists to showcase what volcanoes have taught and brought us over our history.