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November 7, 2017

Fall Meeting workshop on successful partnerships between academia, industry and government

Calling all scientists interested in building successful interdisciplinary partnerships and students curious about non-academic career paths! The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee is hosting a workshop entitled, “Forging successful partnerships between academia, industry, and government: the student’s guide to gaining experience in the non-academic realm.” This workshop will be held at the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting on Tuesday, December 12th in the AGU Career Workshop Room, room …


August 18, 2017

From College Chemistry to Capitol Hill: One Student’s Journey to the Finals of a Nationwide Competition

Going to the finals of the Community College Innovation Challenge (CCIC) changed my life forever. Held in Washington, D.C. on 14-16 June 2017,  I had the opportunity to meet multiple representatives from respected institutions such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) while presenting my project to congressmen, scientists, businessmen, and other professionals on Capitol Hill. The project I presented was called Project …


May 19, 2017

Seth Stein: Navigating the Publication Process

Finishing a successful research project feels great. You have neat results and want to share them. However, young scientists often discover that the next stage, publishing the results, can be tougher and take more emotional energy than the research itself. This isn’t surprising. Research involves trying to figure out something about nature that—to paraphrase Einstein—is “subtle but not malicious.” Publishing, however, involves editors and reviewers who have views about how …


March 31, 2017

Shifting your career path in a changing scientific climate

In December 1972, when the last Apollo mission, Apollo 17, landed on the moon, I was an undergraduate working in a research group that used data from seismometers the astronauts installed and left behind. It was exciting to have even a very minor part in a group investigating the moon’s structure and evolution.  However, we knew the Apollo program would soon be ending. President John Kennedy started the program in …


March 17, 2017

Paths Through Science: What will your career path look like?

A successful career can take many routes and directions. And a career, unlike a job, is more than just a resume or C.V. builder. It is the development of skills built over time and is shaped by many jobs and professional or volunteer roles. Each month, the AGU Career Center releases a new profile in the ongoing series  Paths Through Science. These profiles highlight the many roles in Earth and …


March 3, 2017

There’s a name for it and there is something we can all do about it

Update: For more information on this topic, read the new Eos article “Getting to Fair: Recognizing Implicit Bias and Easing Its Impact,” co-authored by Mary Anne Holmes.  Mary Anne Holmes is also featured this month as the Paths Through Science profile at the AGU Career Center. The first time I heard the term implicit bias and learned what it was, I was with several other women scientists and we all …


January 11, 2017

Recapping the APECS-AGU Cryosphere Career Panel: Applying for the Next Step

At the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting last month, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) and AGU continued the tradition of cosponsoring the Cryosphere Careers Panel. The panel, which included a mix of both academic and non-academic scientists, was comprised of Dr. Åsa Rennermalm, Dr. Bob Rich, Dr. Twila Moon, and Dr. Sophie Nowicki. Organizations like APECS are a great way for you to get involved with your science and …


December 1, 2016

Getting Sexual Harassment Out of the Field

By Mary Anne Holmes I took field camp back in 1983 and had a pretty unhappy experience. This was one of those “sink or swim” models of teaching, with some pretty blatant sexual misconduct of the instructor and a female student. I came away from the experience having learned little. Sexual harassment and misconduct on the part of instructors, faculty, staff, and teaching assistants no doubt drives great people away …


November 15, 2016

The Most Important Course I Never Took: Learning Emotional Quotient

It has been a while since I was in school, as a student or as a professor, but I still remember the anxiety and excitement of new people and surroundings. In many ways, heading off to college was a rite of passage. My brothers and sisters had all gone before me, but then again, none of them successfully completed the requirements for a degree. If I made it, I would …


Welcome to On the Job!

So it begins: the launch of the AGU Career Center blog, On the Job! On the Job is a blog that dedicates itself to helping students, early-career, and established professionals with all aspects of the professional world. The workforce in general is hard to navigate, and being in a specialized field of the workforce (i.e., geosciences) can make this process even more tricky. With the Internet drowning in job advice, …