October 1, 2017

Publications Resources and Upcoming Professional Development Webinars

Posted by AGU Career Center

In case you missed it, a recording of last week’s webinar “How to Write Effective Reviews (and Improve Your Own Manuscript)” is now available, along with the presentation slides.  You can find both by visiting its page on the AGU Webinars archives.  Gabe Filippelli, our guest presenter and Editor-in-Chief of Geohealth, laid out some considerations that reviewers should take when approaching the review process and also took the time to respond to some questions that prospective authors had about how the review process works in practice.

Last week, I shared with you Eos articles published for Peer Review Week, and this week, I would like to draw your attention to a two-part Editors’ Vox article by Martyn Clark, Editor-in-Chief for Water Resources Research (WRR): “Benefitting From Good Reviews,” published in Eos this past April.  While Filippelli’s webinar presentation mostly focused on the reviewers’ role in the review process, Clark’s articles addressed the author side.

In part one, Clark offers advice, especially to early career scientists, on how to get the most out a review, from submitting your best work and taking time to truly consider your revisions.  The second part features a personal reflection, recounting Clark’s own reaction to a review he received earlier in his career.  If you have not yet gotten the chance, I invite these two articles; I think they will offer you a valuable perspective on publication process.

I would also like to remind you of three more webinars happening this month as part of the Professional Development series of AGU Webinars:

Lastly, if you are a student and want to share your research, there is still time left to submit your abstract to the Fall 2017 Virtual Poster Showcase.  The deadline for submissions is 2 October, 11:59PM.  You can find more information and register at vps.agu.org.

Nathaniel Janick is the Career Services Coordinator at AGU.