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7 March 2012

Ryan goes to Washington

I am pretty interested in politics and I had always sort of wanted to talk to people on the hill about space-related issues, but I could never justify making a trip to DC. But the National Space Grant meeting gave me the perfect excuse! So of course I accepted the invitation, and last week I found myself touching down at Reagan National Airport, with a view of the Capitol and the Washington Monument out the window of the plane.


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14 February 2012

Proposed NASA Budget Cuts Mars Exploration by $226 Million

As you have no doubt heard, the proposed budget for fiscal year was announced today. Overall, NASA did alright, ending up with $17.71 billion as compared to the $17.77 billion estimate for fiscal year 2012. However, this number hides some painful changes, specifically in the Mars exploration program.The proposed budget would cut the Mars program from $587 million in FY 2012 to $360.8 million in FY 2013. That’s a cut of $226 million, or about 38%. Ouch.


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27 October 2011

Occupy Science!

A collection of space and planetary-themed parodies of the 99% movement, including a couple that I made myself!


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20 September 2011

The “Future” of Human Spaceflight

Well, it looks like Congress has finally decided what NASA’s next foray into human spaceflight will look like. If you’re thinking to yourself that that rocket looks the offspring of a Saturn V rocket and a Space Shuttle, then you’re absolutely right. Those solid rocket boosters on the sides are the same as the ones used for the Space Shuttle, as is the main engine for the first stage. In fact, if you take off Saturn V-like paint on the first stage, you would find a big familiar orange fuel tank. The second stage will use J-2x engines, based on the Saturn V engines.


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