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31 August 2008

Mars Rovers Twitter!

Following the lead of their younger, hipper cousin Phoenix, the Rovers now have their own Twitter page. Check it often to get the latest rover news!


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29 April 2008

Lol Rovr

I’m on downlink duty for Spirit this week, and here’s an update on the winter power situation, inspired by the site everyone loves to hate (or hates to love?):


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27 March 2008

Spirit's science at Home Plate: SAFE!

With the MER budget scare having blown over, now is a perfect time to reflect on the science at Home Plate – and beyond – that Spirit has yet in store.  Rather than vent frustrations about the near-disaster of a 40% funding slash, I’d rather be reminded that we’re lucky – astoundingly lucky – to be operating spacecraft on the surface of another planet.  And for Spirit, I think the …


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