16 April 2018

Sols 2025-2026: From Float Rocks to Suilven Ripple

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Over the weekend Curiosity completed a 13 meter drive from some interesting float rocks including some potential breccias (see accompanying MAHLI image) to ‘Suilven Ripple’, a sand ripple where it will characterize the grain sizes and ripple morphology. Today is a 2-sol plan with no drive.

Planned science observations include APXS and MAHLI on ‘Kemnay,’ on the crest of the ripple, and on ‘Hawick’ on the near side of the ripple, MAHLI on ‘Buchan’ near the far edge of the ripple, ChemCam on ‘Arnstruther’ on the near side of the ripple and ‘Ballachullish’ on the crest. Mastcam will observe these targets plus a multispectral observation on ‘Cromarty’ on the edge of a wheel track in the sand. Mastcam will also make a series of 10 change-detection observations periodically throughout both sols, targeting ‘Samson’s Ribs’ near the edge of the sand. Navcam will record a dust-devil movie, Mastcam will perform deck monitoring, and MARDI will take an image of the ground below the rover. There will be an APXS argon and SAM QMS run to study the atmospheric composition. RAD and REMS will take data.

Written by Roger Wiens, Geochemist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, ChemCam PI